Tom Schek


A writer all his life, Tom first took up a pen professionally as a technical communicator, creating manuals for a software company. It was an experience that helped him develop tremendous attention to detail, the ability to work within a well-defined set of rules, and a strong desire to break them.

A move into public relations freed him to write somewhat more creatively, though there were still some pretty firm guidelines about what he could say and how he could say it. He knew he’d found his home when his next transition landed him in a marketing department, where he could start sentences with “and” or “but,” and ignore all sorts of grammar rules.

Since then, he has worked both with agencies (in his role as a marketing director and agency client) and for agencies (as a copywriter), so he has a unique perspective on how to bring marketing projects to fruition efficiently and effectively. As for his writing style, he believes the best marketing copy has an element of poetry - rhythms and patterns that please the ear even as they are persuading the mind.

He also loves storytelling, and its ability to put the context around a product or service that helps a listener see how it fits into their own story. It’s that emotional connection that can turn window shoppers into customers.

The most effective marketing strategy ever devised is an honest description of an exceptional product.

Brands I

  • Subaru
  • Keurig
  • Samsung
  • Merrell
  • Levis
  • Wilson