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NightRider Jewelry

What they say

The transformation we have seen in our business has been nothing less than remarkable thanks to working with KODA for the past few years.

Nick Ballantyne Lead Designer of NightRider Jewelry

NightRider Jewelry is the brain child of a veteran in the jewelry business. What began as a hobby quickly became a viable business opportunity. However, turning a hobby into a premier luxury brand is no small feat. Having been at the helm of all marketing activities for the brand since the idea became a business, our goal from day one was to create a family of NightRider fanatics instead of merely building a customer base.

Known for never compromising its quality and heritage, NightRider Jewelry creates a beautiful product. But if that product is not presented to the right market in a way that resonates with them, it becomes an expensive piece of silver (or gold). Our strategy has been to shift the mindset of the consumer from viewing a product as expensive, to being incredibly valuable. It's how we turn a product into an heirloom.

Since the beginning we have navigated the brand evolution. What was initially geared towards the hardcore biker community is now adorning Hollywood's most well-known celebrities, such as Jonny Depp, who wore a NightRider piece when featured on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

It is the result of brand experiences like these that are driving in the orders for NightRider Jewelry faster than the jewelry can be produced.