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Sensible Money

What they say

When I began working with KODA, they said that when we were done "the phones would ring". I laughed and replied, "Not in my business. It doesn't work that way." I'm delighted to find out I was wrong.

Dana Anspach Founder of Sensible Money

Talk about starting with a clean slate. Founder Dana Anspach didn’t even have a company name when she first contacted KODA. What she did have was a great sense of vision for her brand along with the feelings she wanted her audience to have. She looked to us to develop the communication that would create those feelings and translate it into action.

We jumped in to help facilitate the naming process, establish the brand assets, and develop the messaging platform both online and in print. Beyond these tactical components, perhaps the most important element we offer Sensible Money is the positioning of their brand in the finance world.

Sensible Money offers financial planning for pre-retirees. A traditionally drab, boring space, Dana asked us to push the edges. As a result, Sensible Money is drastically different from their competitors.

It takes courage to be noticeably different in the marketplace. Invariably, you will not appeal to everyone. But here’s the flipside: Sensible Money’s massive differentiation leads to intense connectedness for those who find their message fresh, edgy, smart (and even fun!).

Yet, there needs to be a balance. Managing a brand that has radical components comes with a great responsibility. Tipping the scales too far in one direction will destroy the foundation of what we are building. It demands true finesse. Dana says we have the expertise to carry this edgy branding off without carrying it too far.

Beyond managing the brand and all the assets, KODA also integrates them into business development activities – both behind the scenes with SEO efforts and via face-to-face communication in seminars and workshops.

It’s bringing in the clients. And even better, it’s bringing in the right clients that Dana and her staff absolutely enjoy working with, who in turn, refer their like-minded friends.